my name is hamaji and this my intranet page for my fravorite place to be kwik shop!
This is satire, and in no way connected with kwik-shop. Feel free to flame me if you wish but you have no legal grounds to stop me.
i love the kwik shop. they have lots of good thing eat and nice person who like me. one day I want to work of the kwik shop. i go there every day. i love kwik shop. this is a picture i took when nobody looking of kwik shop. do not drink the blue drink, it maked me puke a lot and get sick all over.
is man there named fernando. that his name i think. he likes me, he give me have free slurpie! he beat me sometime, it hurt a lot, i like him, back in my homeland we not have all nice things kwik shop has.

at kwik shop you can get food that not contain monkey poopie.
kwik shop do have some things that scary. drinks that yellow and look like elephant pee. when i see people get them i make sure they know it bad elephant pee.

wheni get sad i go to kwik shop and it make me happy! when fernando wave with his finger i know he like me!
i am poor have no money. my friend at kwik shop help me out and led me sleep in cold box outside. not often he lock me in not let me out. one time i in there for days. cold yes, but but better than home country. my family mostly eaten by tigers.

if you visit me at kwik shop give me money so i am so poor. you find me at kwik shop in lincoln nebraskaa.

i give you big kiss!
you email me at, when i get you email i be happy anybody love kwik shop!